Frequently Asked Questions


Who can attend this class?

Show Up Girls was created to help girls between the ages of 11-17 maintain and grow their confidence and self-esteem during the turbulent years of adolescence. This will always be the main group we're serving. To be clear: Any person who considers themselves female or non-binary will always be welcome.

That being said, we understand that everyone could use confidence classes at one time or another! That's why we've taught five year olds, teenage boys, and adults. 

While we are happy to work with any group, we do like to keep the ages and gender identities within the class close. A sixteen year old will play our games differently than an eight year old, and self-judgment increases when genders are mixed.


I want to help Show Up Girls achieve its mission of empowering young women. How can I help?

Show Up Girls is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. 

We're able to run our problems thanks to individual donors and corporate sponsors. If you would like to donate to us, or if you know of a great corporate sponsor we should connect with, please contact us at

Have unused office supplies cluttering your home? We'll always take the following in-kind donations:

  • printer paper
  • Canon PG-240 and CL-241 ink cartridges
  • pens, notebooks, dry erase markers

Finally, if you want to help but are limited financially, you can always spread the word about us to teens, parents, teachers, and girl scout leaders you know!